Telling Stories Through Song

The Cumbia Corridos project is a musical story-sharing project by Tucson-based cumbia group Vox Urbana that tells the stories Tucson’s marginalized denizens. Funded by generous grants from the Tucson Pima Arts Council and the Puffin Foundation.

Cumbia Corridos seeks to meld the narrative tradition of Mexican corrido music with Vox Urbana’s rhythmic backbone of cumbia and other global musics. Vox Urbana has conducted interviews with Tucsonans whose voices aren’t included in the mainstream public discourse, and used their stories as the basis for the lyrics of the Cumbia Corridos songs.

Vox Urbana invites you to the debut performance of all the Cumbia Corridos songs at the historic El Casino Ballroom in South Tucson on Sunday, January 24th of 2016. The doors open at 6pm, and the music will begin at 7pm. Vox Urbana is happy to invite DJ Herm to join us onstage to ensure the dancefloor is never empty. All we ask is a $5 suggested donation to give back to some of the organizations that helped us find interviewees.

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Join us on January 24th

At the historic El Casino Ballroom at 437 East 26th Street, Tucson, AZ